Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Prayer

We call out to you
Amphitrite, Goddess of the Sea
Vasillia, Goddess of the Winds
Be kind as you send your combined forces toward land.
Be gentle with the Winged Ones, that fly over the great Ocean.
Keep in mind the Finned, that live within your depths.

Amphitrite, Vasillia, we ask that you watch over those whose livelihood comes from your great bounty.
May ships that are out to sea, find Safe Harbour.
Be gentle with this ocean storm, we ask that you not feed upon our fears.
Teach us to surrender, to accept that which we can not change.
Let us know that all storms, pass
Leaving us with space to grow.
We ask that in your wake we may find treasures of Understanding and
We give thanks in advance for the quite and Peace that will come.

Amphitrite, Vasillia,
We weep with you, for what may be lost.
We are humbled in your wake.
Please guide all souls that may pass during this storm Home.

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