Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Autumn Blessing

Oh, Mother Gaia,
As Night draws near
We give thanks for this day.
Equal Day and Night.

Oh, Mother Gaia,
We give thanks for the changing seasons.
You have given us an amazing Summer of warmth and play.
You gifted us with an abundance of growing things.
Both beauty and nourishment.
Thank you for all that was part of the passing season.

Oh, Mother Gaia,
We give you thanks for the light of day,
As we harvest your great bounty.
Offering you our work in service.
You prepare us now for going inward.
We give thanks for the great joy and colour that fills
Our world.

Oh, Mother Gaia,
Thank you for the gift of cycles and seasons.
We are honoured to witness, this cycle of death.
This opportunity to RE-member our death and rebirth.
Thank you Mother Gaia, for your great wisdom.

Thank you Father Sky
As our nights become longer,
A time to dream and reflect.
Stillness, BE-ing.
Guide us on our journey.

Thank you Mother Gaia and Father Sky
May we raise our voices in song,
Welcome Autumn.
The Wheel continues to turn,
We are grateful.
Blessings this Autumn Equinox!

photo by Tirzah Griffin

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