Monday, February 23, 2009

Snow Day

Oh, Great Grandfather,
I have listened to the snow
It fell through the night
Heavy and wet.
Great Grandfather
The snow on the trees today
Gave me pause,
For all the People who are
As laden with their burdens.
I know there is a grand purpose
One which I may not understand.
I ask you to take care of the People on the Street
Those without the way to heat their homes
To care for the moms and dads who need to be home today with children
Great Grandfather,
I ask also for the animals and trees,
I worry when I see their branches
Pulled toward the ground under the weight.
I worry too for the little burrowed ones who'll need to dig out.
May you ease their way.
I know that all this snow will bring us moisture,
Deep in the wells of Grandmother Earth.
For her dreams
Will soon come to bloom.
Great Grandfather and Grandmother
I slept well wrapped in the song of snow falling.
Dreams of Peace to lighten my heart.
I am grateful for my life.
Great Grandfather,
Bless and care for us.
Great Granfather and Grandmother,
I send you blessings
For this gift of snow, for this day.
Thank you.

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