Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Cry Out to You, In the Night

Hear my cry in the night
Divine Mother of All.
Hear the children of your heart,
As our Souls awaken to their True Nature,
We wake in the night.

Teach us to listen,
To the song of your night lullaby.
Guide us Divine Mother of All
Away from our fears.

Show us the way of understanding,
Our dream stories.
Hear my cry in the night
Divine Mother of All,
I am restless, in my sleep.

Guide me in my sleep, for my Human body
Must rest to be Awake.
Comfort me in the darkness,
Divine Mother of All,
That I may serve in the highest Light of All.

Oh, Divine Mother of All,
Watch over me as I sleep.
Hear my cries, sing me my dreams,
Wrap me in your gentle blanket of night,
My restless Soul, to sleep.

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